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In today’s conditions of strong global market competition, PCY Co.,Ltd is working with the main goal to produce in the pure ecological environment 100% cashmere products capable to compete at the World textile market and uninterruptedly supply them for the customers in compatibility with their need and demand.
According to the customers and factory requirements, we use world top class automatic flat knitting machines of 3Gg – 12Gg, including Japanese SHIMA-SEIKI and German STOLL, world top class spinning machines including Italian GUADINO, SAVIO and Japanese MURATEC and also hand-knitting
machines.Starting from collecting/refining 100% natural raw material to release the final product, all the process goes under the supervision of quality standard.


Among the hircus goats all over the world, the Mongolian goats develop the highest quality cashmere under their longer and rougher outer hair in order to survive in the harsh and continental weather. It is warmer, softer and lighter–weighted than all the natural fibers. Every spring the goat herders remove this under-down using a gentle combing. Around 250 grams of under-down is obtained from each goat per year, which is why the cashmere is so precious.

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Baby Cashmere

A baby goat only produces about 50-100 grams cashmere annually, which is 16.1 – 16.5 micron in diameter.


The difficulties associated with sourcing and inspecting the fiber further increase its value. We have been working with goat herders having longtime supply contract to protect the high quality cashmere goats and to provide the herders with their need. Our cashmere fiber is 16.1 – 16.5 micron in diameter and over 41 mm length which makes it the thinnest and longest fiber among the others. This indicates goats from our company have the best quality cashmere in the world.

The cashmere production process is complicated. Any sweater needs more than 20 processes of production, expensive special equipment and a lot of manpower. All above described factors represent together the reason of expensiveness of cashmere products.